2016 KartX Racing League


Welcome to the 2016 KartX Racing League! The series is open for anyone to join!


The 2016 series will have 3 separate “seasons” consisting of 4 or 5 races, and each season will have its own champion. Every season has one “drop-round,” meaning your worst result (or a missed race) does not count towards the championship standings.


Next Race: 26th March, 2016


Simply register for the race, and you’re good to go.  Simpy make the payment as described below and email info@nizramotorsport.com your racer name/details to confirm your entry. Race start is at 8pm. You must be at the venue by 7:30pm. Entries close at 28 drivers.


Entry Fee: RM150 (RM200 for payments made on race day).


Payment can be made in cash at KartX or transfer to our Maybank account: 564276520691 (Nizra Motorsport Sdn Bhd )

Driving Standards / Penalties:

Penalties will be applied during the KartX Racing league. We emphasize safe and fair racing. Any intentional bumping/crowding/shunting or other unsportsmanlike behavior can result in a penalty from a warning up to an exclusion from the event.


KartX staff will monitor the race and any incidents witnessed by our staff may result in penalties.


Drivers that feel that they have been raced against unfairly can write a protest and hand it to the organiser for review.


Download the KartX Racing League Penalties Booklet (PDF).

Race Format:

Each driver will get a total of 3 races, with championship points being counted from every race.


The precise format depends on how many drivers are registered. If there are more drivers than karts available – the racers will be split into two groups, with the top half of the drivers advancing into the A Final.


With ~17 or less drivers:

  • Race 1 – 10 Laps
  • Race 2 – 10 Laps
  • Final – 12 Laps


With 18-32 Drivers:

  • Race 1 Group A – 10 Laps
  • Race 1 Group B – 10 Laps
  • Race 2 Group A – 10 Lap
  • Race 2 Group B – 10 Laps
  • B Final – 12 Laps
  • A Final – 12 Laps

Kart Alloction:

  • Random for Race 1 with same karts retained for Race 2.
  • New Random karts balloted for Final(s).


Grid Order:

  • Race 1: Random
  • Race 2: Reverse of Race 1 Grid
  • Finals: Based on Points from Race 1+2.

Starting Procedure:

All race starts will use a rolling start procedure.


  • Karts will be arranged on the grid in the correct starting order.
  • Drivers will proceed onto a “Formation Lap” in which the speed is slowed down towards the end of the lap and kept at a slow pace by the top 2 drivers.
  • When approaching the start/finish line drivers should remain in their correct lane and inside the white tram-lines.
  • The race starts when the red lights turn off and/or the green flag is waved. You are free to move out of your lane and overtake others.

Championship Points:

Points in the KartX Racing League are scored in all races. Each Season there will be one drop-round, meaning your worst round will be dropped from the results.
Bonus points will be awarded to drivers that compete in all rounds. The amount of bonus points will be equivalent to the total rounds in the season (typically 4 or 5).


Points for Race 1 and Race 2:

  • 20, 19, 18. 17, 16, 15… and so on.


Points for the Final:

  • 40, 38, 36, 34, 32…. 26, 25, 24, and so on.




Should there be a tie between two drivers on points, the driver with the most wins in finals will win. Should wins be equal, then 2nd places in the finals will determine the winner, and so on.


Individual Rounds:

  • 1st Place: Trophy
  • 2nd Place: Trophy
  • 3rd Place: Trophy



  • 1st Place: Trophy
  • 2nd Place: Trophy
  • 3rd Place: Trophy


Other prizes will be announced.


Register Now:

Registration for Round 2, 2016 is open! Check details to the left.


Season 1


  • Round 1 – 6th February, 2016
  • Round 2 – 20th February, 2016
  • Round 3 – 12th March, 2016
  • Round 4 – 26th March, 2016



Season 2


  • April to July, 2016.


Season 3


  • August to November, 2016


Grand Final:


  • December, 2016