Battle of the Best on 5th May


Join the Battle of the Best Race! A 10 min qual + 10 lap race this coming Thursday night at 8:30PM – 5th of May.


Everyone is welcome, however as mentioned above the price is RM100 for drivers that were not in the top 50 times the previous month’s top times leader-board (April). Only RM50 for drivers there were in the top 50.


Did you make the top 50 in the top times leader-board in April? CHECK HERE. If you did you can enter the Battle of the Best event for only RM50 (regular entry fee RM100).


Qualifying starts at 8:30pm sharp, with entry fees to be paid by 8:15pm at the latest.


You can also express your interest by joining the event on FaceBook.


Race format:

  • 10 Min Qualifying
  • 10 Lap Race
  • Karts will be assigned randomly.
  • If there are more than 15 drivers, they will be put into qualifying groups based on order of arrival, with the top 15 going fastest in qualifying going into the main final. Those outside the top 15 will participate in a separate 10 lap race before the main final.



  • Trophies for the top 3
  • 1 KartX Racing League Entry (RM150 Value)  OR 3 KartX Sessions for 1st place.
  • 2 KartX Session for 2nd place (RM90 Value)
  • 1 KartX Session for 3rd place.